Callitris gracilis, R. T. Baker2), known as cypress or mountain pine, occurs only in the vicinity of Rylstone, New South Wales.

Upon distillation, the leaves yielded 0,723 p.c. of volatile oil with the following properties: d20/15o 0,8683; aD + 8,70; nD20o 1,4752; ester content 12,1 p.c. computed as C10H17Ococh3; soluble in 10 vols, of 90 p.c. alcohol. After repeated fractionation the following constituents were identified: d-a-pinene (m. p. of nitrosochloride 107 to 108°, of nitrosopinene 131 to 132°), /-limonene, d-bornyl acetate and very probably a-terpineol (identified by means of dipentene dihydriodide, m. p. 78°, when shaken with hydriodic acid), apparently present as butyrate. In the saponification liquid acetic and butyric acids were found. In addition the oil probably contains geraniol and a phenol related to callitrol.