Callitris Drummondii, Benth. et Hook, fil.2), (Frenela Drum-mondii, Parlat.) grows in West Australia. Like C. arenosa, C. glauca, C. intratropica and C. gracilis it is known as cypress pine.

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The leaf oil, distilled in June (yield 0,547 p. c), revealed the following properties: d17o 0,8591; aD + 42,2°; nD19o1,4739; 1,85 p. c. ester C10H17Ococh3. In the several fractions the presence of the following substances was ascertained: d-a-pinene (d. a. of nitrosochloride 108°; of nitrosopinene 132°), d-limonene and dipentene, also borneol and geraniol as ester, presumably as acetate. The oil contained more than 90 p. c. pinene.

The oil from the fruits is almost identical with that from the leaves: d15o 0,8663; aD + 45,l°; nD19o 1,4798; ester content 2,4 p.c, computed as C10 H17 Ococh8.