Callitris Muelleri, Benth. et Hook, fil.1), (Frenela fruticosa, A. Cunn.; F. Muelleri, Parlat.) is known as Illawarra pine and occurs in isolated localities of New South Wales.

The oil from the leaves was distilled in September with a yield of 0,103 p.c; d24o Q,8582; aD - 4,7°; nD20o 1,4749; ester content 2,76 p.c, computed as C10 H17 Ococh3. The oil which consisted almost exclusively of terpenes and which resembles turpentine oil as to odor, was insoluble in 10 vols, of 90 p.c alcohol. The following constituents were identified: d- and /-a-pinene, also d- and /-limonene.

The fruits contain no volatile oil.