The occurrence of Callitris oblonga, Rich.2) (C Gunnii, Hook.; Frenela austral is, R. Br.; F. Gunnii, Endl.; F variabilis, Carr.; F macrostachya, Gord.) is restricted to Tasmania where it is known as native cypress.

Distilled in June, the leaves yielded 0,054 p.c. of volatile oil of the following properties: d16o 0,8735; aD + 38,l°; nD16o 1,4783; ester content (hot) 6,05 p. c, (cold) 5,6 p. c, computed as C10 H17 Ococh3. The oil, which is insoluble in 10 vols, of 90 p.c alcohol, yielded upon fractionation mostly d-a-p'mene (b. p. 155 to 156° and characterized by the nitrosochloride) and very likely contained limonene, probably also a sesquiterpene or a similar compound.

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