In New South Wales, Callitris Macleayana, F. v. M.1) (C. Par-latorei, F. v. M.; Frenela Macleayana, Parlat.; Octoclinis Mac-leayana, F. v. M.; Leichhardtia Macleayana, Shep.) is known as stringy bark or Port Macquarie pine.

The leaf oil distilled in October (yield 0,172 p. c.) had the following properties: d20/15o 0,8484; aD + 42,5°; nD20o1,4791; ester content (hot) 3,5 p.c, (cold) 3,2 p.c, computed as C10H17Ococh3; insoluble in 10 vols, of 90 p. c. alcohol. After careful fractionation, the following constituents were identified; d-a-pinene (m. p. of nitrosochloride 107 to 108°), (d-limonene (m. p. of tetrabromide 117 to 118°), dipentene (?), also a hydrocarbon the odor and properties of which suggest d-menthene (b. p. 162 to 165°; d22o 0,837; aD + 58,7°; nD22o1,4703). In addition the oil appears to contain cadinene (d22o 0,9203; nD22o 1,5052) for it gave the color reaction with chloroform and sulphuric acid; a dichlorhydrate, however, was not obtained.

The wood yielded 0,558 p. c. of oil. It consists of a semisolid reddish liquid, the crystalline constituent of which is guaiol.