This nematode is 0.8 to 1.2 mm. long, the male shorter than the female (Fig. 63;. The male is indigenous in Cochin China and Italy. In the latter country it often occurs simultaneously with anchylostoma. If the worms exist in large numbers they may produce pathological conditions. According to Golgi and Monti,1 the anguillula stercoralis penetrates into Lieberkuehn's crypts and there deposits its eggs and young. Anguillula intestinalis, which is 2.25 mm. long, belongs to the same variety as anguillula stercoralis and is found under the same conditions. Only the female of this worm is known. The eggs develop in the intestinal canal and exhibit only the first stages of segmentation at the time of their passage with the faeces.

Female of An guillula Stercoralis, with Eggs and Embryos

Fig. 63. - Female of An-guillula Stercoralis, with Eggs and Embryos. (Perroncito.) Magnified 85 diameters.

1 Golgi e Monti: Arch, per le science med., 1886, No. 3.