Enteralgia limited to the lower portion of the large bowel is termed hypogastric neuralgia. In this condition there exist disagreeable, sometimes painful sensations in the lower region of the abdomen and in the lower parts of the back, accompanied by a violent feeling of pressure in the rectum and sometimes also in the bladder. In female patients the same sensation may also extend to the uterus and vagina. Sometimes the patient also complains of painful sensations in the perineum and the thighs. Persons suffering from hemorrhoids and women afflicted with nervous and uterine troubles are principally liable to suffer from this condition. This form of neuralgia is also frequently found in diabetic patients. Sometimes the patients have the sensation as if a foreign body were in the rectum.

The treatment resembles very much that of intestinal colic. The original trouble predisposing to hypogastric neuralgia should always be first treated. If congested piles are present, application of leeches about the anus and warm sitz baths must be recommended. If the pains are violent, suppositories of opium alone or with belladonna should be used. The diet should be a bland one and the bowels should be carefully regulated.

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