This treatise is a continuation of my work on "Diseases of the Stomach," the two together comprising the principal disorders of the digestive tract. In discussing the subject of the intestinal affections an effort has been made to follow the same lines laid down in my book on the stomach. The practical points regarding diagnosis and treatment are always placed in the foreground.

Although our knowledge of diseases of the intestines has not made such rapid progress as that of morbid conditions of the stomach, much has likewise been achieved in this field. Surgery has made many successful advances. The elucidation of the intimate relation existing between functional disturbances of the stomach and of the intestines also marks an important step forward, especially as to therapy.

While there are many excellent works on intestinal diseases by German authors, the more recent English literature contains no monographs on this important subject. The medical encyclopedias, it is true, contain very instructive contributions on this topic, and among these Ewald's treatise on diseases of the intestines in the "Twentieth Century Practice of Medicine" is a most valuable acquisition. The present volume, it is hoped, will to a certain extent fill the void in American literature of a monograph on the affections of this portion of the digestive tract. The writer desires to express his indebtedness to Nothnagel, Rosenheim, Boas, Fleischer, Ewald, Pick, Fowler, Treves, and Ailing ham. whose works have been frequently consulted. He trusts that this book will prove of practical utility to the practitioner, and if it will aid him in more successfully treating this class of cases, the author's effort will be more than recompensed. Max Einhorn.

New York. April. 1900.