This tapeworm is the one most frequently observed in America as well as abroad. The taenia saginata is much longer, thicker, and wider than taenia solium. The head is 2.5 mm. large, has four large sucking-discs but no rostellum, and is often pigmented (Fig. 45). The length of the worm is 4 to 5 metres, the proglottides are unusually thick, the widest being in the middle. The mature segments occasionally attain a length of 2.5 cm. The uterus lies in the middle of the segment and gives off numerous branches on both sides (about twenty on each side (Fig. 46). The genital opening is situated on the side below the middle. The eggs have an elliptical shape, a brownish color, and a contour exhibiting radiating streaks.

The taenia saginata inhabits the small intestine of man. Its measles occur in beef, as has been demonstrated by Huber 1 and Leuckart. These measles are usually smaller than those of taenia solium. Human beings acquire this taenia by the consumption of raw beef. The measles have not as yet been found in man.

Taenia Saginata, Goeze

Fig. 46. - Taenia Saginata, Goeze. Taenia mediocanellata, Kuchenmeister. 1, 3, 4, and 5, natural size: 2 and:.'2a. enlarged. (Huber.)

1 Huber: "Twentieth Century Practice of Medicine," vol. viii., p. 570.