Cancer is somewhat common, and the disease is so frequent amongst chimney-sweepers that it is often called chimneysweepers' cancer. In Glasgow it has been found that workers in paraffin refineries are also liable to this disease. It generally forms a flat tumour from whose surface prominent papillae protrude. Through time ulceration occurs and the testicle may be exposed. Dark pigmentation of the skin is not infrequent around the cancer.

Elephantiasis of the scrotum is referred to and illustrated in the general part of the work.

Lymph scrotum has already been referred to in connection with the filaria sanguinis. In it there is a varicose condition of the lymphatic vessels of the scrotum with the formation of vesicles in the skin. These frequently burst and discharge fluid. In some cases the filaria is present in the blood. The lymphatic glands of the groin are indurated, and the dilatation of the lymphatics has been ascribed to the obstruction of these vessels in the glands by the embryo filariae.