A. - The Eye. I. The Conjunctiva, chiefly Inflammations, catarrhal, purulent, and infective (granular conjunctivitis). II. The Cornea. 1. Retrograde changes (arcus senilis, conical cornea); 2. Inflammations, sometimes with vascularization of cornea, Pannus; may lead to Ulcers and Staphyloma. III. The Sclerotic. IV. The Iris. Various forms of Inflammation, serous, fibrinous, purulent. Syphilis and Tuberculosis. V. The Ciliary toody and choroid. Inflammations. VI. Glaucoma. VII. The Lens. Forms of cataract. VIII. The Optic nerve and Retina. 1. Optic neuritis and choked disc; atrophy of optic nerve. 2. Retinitis, albuminuric and pigmentary; 3. Embolism of retinal artery; 4. Detachment of retina. IX. Affections of eye as a whole.

I. Sympathetic ophthalmitis; 2. Errors of accommodation; 3. Tumours, chiefly sarcoma and glioma; 4. Parasites.

B. - The Ear. I. External Ear. 1. The auricle, chiefly hsematoma; 2. External auditory canal; inflammations and foreign bodies; 3. Tympanic membrane.

II. Middle Ear. Structure. 1. Inflammations; chronic, leading to adhesions and sclerosis; acute suppurative, causing perforation of the membrane; and chronic suppurative, leading to polypi, caries and necrosis, suppurations in brain, membranes, etc.; 2. Syphilis and tuberculosis; 3. Sebaceous tumours.

III. Internal Ear, subject to inflammations, etc., chiefly by extension from middle ear or brain. Meniere's disease and deaf-mutism.