This disease is known by the patient being troubled with eructations, which bring up a considerable quantity of thin, watery, or glairy fluid; there is also pain in the stomach.

It principally attacks persons of middle age, and more frequently affects females than males, particularly the unmarried. Those who are afflicted with Whites have been found to be much predisposed to it.

The cause of the complaint is not absolutely ascertained, but a low diet, the application of cold to the lower extremities, and distressing emotions of the mind, are supposed to be among its exciting causes.

The fits of Pyrosis usually come on in the morning and forenoon, when the stomach is empty; and the first symptom which the patient perceives, is a pain at the pit of the stomach, with a sense of constriction, as if it was drawn towards the back; and this is usually much increased by an erect posture. The pain, after continuing for some time, is followed by eructations and the discharge of a considerable quantity of a thin, watery fluid, sometimes of an acid taste, but often quite insipid. In some instances, however, it is very ropy, and of an appearance somewhat similar to the white of an egg.

This disease rarely proves fatal, but is often tedious and troublesome to remove; being apt to recur occasionally a long time after it has once taken place.


The following is the treatment which has been found most successful in removing this complaint.

Carbonate of Bismuth..................Five Grains.

Powdered Gum Tragacanth..........Twenty Grains. - Mix; and take this powder three times a day. If, at the end of a week, the complaint is not removed, the quantity of Carbonate of Bismuth may be increased to six grains. After the discharge stops, the patient may take one of the Tonics recommended in previous portions of this work; and continue taking it till the health is re-established.

A small dose of magnesia may be taken occasionally; and the diet should be light and nourishing. Boiled mutton and poultry, with bread, rice, batter, and sago puddings, will be the best food.