This colic is known by the hoarseness of the voice, a violent pain in the stomach, a continual loathing of victuals, a burning acute continual pain about the region of the navel, which either seems to gird in the belly, or to bore it through; a vomiting up of green matter or gall, a bitterish taste in the mouth, a feverish heat, intense thirst, restlessness, hiccupping, with little urine and high coloured. When there is an obstinate costiveness, it soon turns to the iliac passion. The patient must first be bled freely, and then give the following bolus: "Take forty grains of vitriolated "tartar, ten grains of salt of tartar, a drop of essential oil of "nutmegs, and make them into a bolus with lenitive elec-"tuary." This mutt be given every fourth hour till it purges, which three doses will generally do. Likewise, a warm bath made with an emollient decoction is of the greatest service in this disease, because it relaxes the stricture of the guts.