This is an acute pain in the small guts, with a puffing up and swelling of the belly, which can hardly bear to be touched. The stomach is distended with wind, the breathing becomes difficult, and the body is costive. At length, the patient is troubled with an ineffectual reaching to vomit, and violent pains in the sto-mach. The pain may be either in the right or left side, as well as beneath the stomach. When there is wind and excrements pent up in the flexure of the colon, which is often the cafe, give the following clyster: "Take half an ounce of "soft soap, and dissolve it in eight ounces of warm water, for "a clyster." Inwardly direct the following mixture :"Take "a gill of fennel-water, a gill of simple orange-flower-water, "a gill of compound juniper-water, a dram and half of dulci-"fied spirit of nitre, and an ounce of the syrup of orange peel; "mix them." Give a spoonful of this mixture every hour till the pain abates, and then every two hours. The body may be* kept open, with manna or rhubarb, or a dram of vitriolated tartar. Camomile flowers may be frequently used like tea.

Colic hysteric, is a symptom of the hysteric passion. It is a very violent pain about the pit of the stomach, attended with a vomiting of greenish matter, and a great finking of the spi-rits. It may continue a day or two, and will return when the mind is disturbed. To cure it, the stomach should be cleansed by drinking a gallon of posset drink, and throwing it up again. Then give twenty-five drops of liquid laudanum in an ounce of strong cinnamon-water, which is to be repeated at due intervals, till the symptoms disappear. When it returns by fits, the patient may take twenty drops of Peruvian balsam thrice a day, in a spoonful of the finest sugar; or a dram night and morning of the powder of zedoary, made into a bolus with the syrup of orange-pee!.