Sometimes the pain of the ear is so very violent, that it may have very bad consequences; in which cafe it will be necessary to take thirty drops of liquid laudanum, and to put a little bit of opium in the middle of a bit of sticking plaster, and to lay it to the temple on the affected fide. Afterwards let the ear be held over a hot decoction of camomile-flowers in milk. You may likewise fill a hog's bladder with the same decoction, and lay it to the ear. In milder cafes, a few drops of spirit of wine and camphire may, with cotton-wool, be put into the ear, rubbing the parts behind the ear with the same: Or, rub a dram of camphire, with an ounce of the oil of sweet-almonds, and use it in the same manner. When any thing is got into the ear,rub the passage with oil of sweet almonds; then give the patient something to make him sneeze, and it will be forced out. When the pain comes after fevers, with a swelling of the glands under the ear, cupping on the neck with scarification will yield relief. Worms in the ears may be enticed out by warm new milk, or killed with oil of wormwood or almonds.