Errhines are substances that promote a running at the nose, by stimulating the pituitary glandulous coat of the nos-trils. The milder are called errhines, and the stronger sternu-tatories, because they cause sneezing. Powders compounded of marjoram, marum syriacum, flowers of benjamin, lilly of the valley, the raspings of lignum aloes, and a grain or two of ambergrise, are good in heavy pains of the head, the head-ach, sleepy diseases, weakness of memory, running at the nose, difficulty of hearing, a mucous defluxion on the eyes, giddi-ness, and add fresh vigour to the animal functions. Volatile sal amoniac mixt with oil of marjoram, and two or three grains put up the nose, has a remarkable virtue in dishness of fight and difficulty of hearing, in sleepy diseases, in the palsey and apoplexy from a cold cause. The stronger errhines are pepper, asarabacca, precipitated mercury, powder of white-hellebore and euphorbium; however these three last mull be used with the utmost caution. But after all, there is nothing better than the watry extract of guaiac dried and reduced to a powder, for it has not only a stimulating but a strengthening property, and is friendly to the nerves.