This happens when any limb or member of the body is deprived of sense and motion, but more especially of the latter. When the palsey affects all one fide of the body, it is generally the consequence of an apoplexy; when one member only is paralytic, it has been preceded with pain and a defluxion; and the parts affected are generally soft, flabby and limber. The tongue is sometimes afflicted with the palsey, and then the patient cannot speak plain; sometimes the urinary passages, and then the patient cannot hold his water. A numbness or trembling of any limb, is a flight kind of a palsey.

When the palsey succeeds an apoplexy, the patient's body should be kept open with tinctura sacra, and an issue should be made in the neck and shoulders above the blade bones; besides, it will be serviceable to anoint the skin with a liniment made with two ounces of the green ointment, and a quarter of an ounce of strong spirit of vitriol. When the part is red, the liniment must be taken off, and the part anointed with ointment of elder. The patient should drink sage-tea several times in a day, and should use mustard, horse radish and spices pretty freely; or the following mixture may be rubbed into the flabby limb: " Take compound spirit of lavender three ounces, "tincture of caster half an ounce, of spirit of sal ammoniac "a quarter of an ounce, of castor water six ounces, mix "them." He may likewise take forty drops of the following cephalic mixture frequently on a lump of sugar: "Take "of the volatile aromatic spirit or sal volatile drops three "drams, of the compound sprit of lavender two drams, of "the tincture of castor one dram; mix them:" but as the cure requires length of time, it will be proper to take medicines which will be always at hand, as the following diet drink:

"Take of wild valerian root ten ounces, of whole mustard-"feed six ounces, Virginian snake-root and sage of each three "ounces, of new small ale ten gallons, mix them;" the dose of this is half a pint twice a day. Likewise as steel is frequently sound serviceable in this disease, the following warm electary with steel may be of great use: "Take of the rust or filings "of steel three quarters of an ounce, of candied ginger an "ounce, of conserve of orange peel three ounces, of syrup "of orange peel enough to make an electary." Some recommend cold bathing, others the hot bath in Somersetshire; but this last is doubtful.