These are often caused by a retention of the after-birth or part of it, or from clotted blood in the cavity of the womb, or from hard labour, or from a defective flux of the lochia, or from wind, especially if the woman's belly has not been properly swathed, or if she has caught cold. In this case it will be proper to mix saffron with tea, or to drink tea made of camomile flowers, or to give a dram of the yellow part of orange peel: an ounce or two of oil of sweet almonds taken in a hot vehicle, will have a very good effect. Or, "Take of sperma ceti a scruple, of vola-"tile salt of hartshorn five grains, of balsam of Peru five "drops, of Venice treacle half a dram, of syrup of white "poppies enough to make a bolus:" this may be given soon after delivery. When there is a considerable heat, give the following powder: "Take of compound powder of "crabs claws fifteen grains, of purified nitre five grains, of "saffron four grains, of cinnabar three grains, mix and make "a powder;" this may be given in a spoonful of syrup of sugar. In dangerous cafes give an emollient clyster.