When this comes on, the patient is hot and cold by turns, is giddy upon the least motion, and complains of a rending pain of the head whenever he coughs; his breathing is thick and short, his cheeks and eyes look red and inflamed, he vomits up every thing that he drinks, his urine is turbid and intensely red; the whole chest is full of pain, and when he coughs his lungs seem exceeding strait: whence the free course of circulation is prevented, which suppresses the common symptoms of a fever. When there is a perpetual laborious wheezing, oppression and anxiety about the heart, with drowsiness, coldness of the extremities, and the nails and face are ill coloured, the patient is in immediate danger.

In the cure take away ten ounces of blood from a wide orifice, and the next morning give the patient two scruples of the coloquintida pills with aloes, not forgetting to lay a large blister to the neck, and if there be occasion, to the legs and thighs. If the patient is purged too much, he may fall into faintness and cold sweats; if he spits concocted matter with ease and freedom, he must neither bleed nor purge, at least during the expectoration : but he may take gentle laxatives and clysters of the same kind; as also thin mustard whey, or the pectoral decoction, with a small quantity of white wine in them: likewise the saline draught made with a spoonful of juice of lemons or vinegar, and enough of salt or spirit of hartshorn to neutralize them, that is, spirit of hartshorn may be dropt into the juice as long as it causes any effervescence : it likewise relieves the difficulty of breathing, and commonly operates by sweat or urine. But if after bleeding the patient falls into great sleepiness, and the breathing is very difficult, it will be proper to cup and scarify the neck and shoulders, which has frequently had a surprizing effect; when the case is very dangerous lay blisters on the scarifications.