These disorders of the skin, are nearly allied, and are so well known they need no description, only some kinds eat more deep and ulcerate the skin. The shingles are fiery pustules that surround the body like a belt, and often begin at the chest. In the cure, the diet should be regular, and the patient should take half a scruple of antimonial ethiops, made with rubbing together equal parts of quicksilver and the golden sulphur of antimony till they are united; the dose is seven grains; sometimes it will be necessary to drink a decoction of the woods along with them, when the disease is deeply rooted. Sometimes a common ringworm may be cured with dabbing ink upon it pretty often; if this fails, use the ointment made with precipitated mercury; but above all the tar ointment. In the shingles, it will be proper to snip off the ends of the largest pustules, and then cover them with the white liniment, to prevent their flicking to the shirt. When they are stubborn the ointment made with precipitated mercury may be used, not forgetting the internals.