This is a troublesome and constant desire of going to stool, from a pain in the strait gut; sometimes it proceeds from worms called ascarides, which lodge in that part; sometimes from sharp urine in the dysury and strangury; from a stone in the bladder; from the sharp matter in a bloody-flux, and from the disease called the piles. When this disease proceeds from the ascarides, give frequent clysters with only an ounce and a half, or two ounces of oil of wormwood made by decoction. If from a sharp urine, give absorbent powders and cooling emulsions inwardly, and inject clysters made with oil of sweet almonds, poppie, or linseed, and syrup of marsh-mal-lows. If from the stone in the bladder, no cure can be had till it is removed; but it may be eased with emollient clysters prepared with milk, and a suppository may be put up the fundament of unsalted butter. When from the piles, the above clyster and suppository are useful, or the part may be anointed with the saturnine ointment. If from the bloody-flux, fit over a vessel full of hot water after every motion, or inject oily emollient clysters.