This is known from a pain at the time of making water, as well as before and after, from the urine coming away by drops, or flopping suddenly when in a full stream; from a white, thick, copious, mucous, stinking sediment in the urine; from an itching or pain in the head of the penis; from a tenesmus or desire of going to stool while the urine is discharged; and by searching with the finger or a catheter. To dissolve the stone, the patient must swallow an ounce of Alicant soap in what form he likes best, and drink three pints or more of oister or cockle shell lime-water. If the soap is divided into three doses, the largest must be taken early in the morning fasting, the second at eleven before noon, and the third at five in the afternoon, drinking a large draught of lime-water after each dose; the remainder of which must be drank at meals instead of other liquors. If the taste of the water is not agreeable, a little new milk mixt with it will make it palatable. If the patient cannot take the soap, a larger quantity of lime-water persisted in for some time, may produce the effect without it. He should abstain from acids and fermenting liquors. But he may drink punch without acid, commonly called rumbo. Spirits must not be drank at all, and he must forbear salt meats, honey and acid fruits. But he may eat artichoaks, asparagus, spinnage, lettuce, parseley, purslane, turneps, carrots, potatoes, radishes, and green peas; but more especially onions, leeks and cellery. For common drink he may use milk and water, but should drink no more than will just quench his thirst, and he should retain his urine as long as he can without uneasiness. If the lime-water makes him co-stive, he may take manna, rhubarb, or sena. It will be best to inject four ounces of warm lime-water into the bladder every day just after making water. To make it more easy, a dram of starch may be mixt with eight ounces of lime-water and be just brought to boil, and no more; or half the yolk of an egg may be mixt with twelve ounces of lime-water for change.

The gravel may be prevented by drinking a pint of lime-water every morning two or three hours before breakfast.