This disease was very common among the blacks of Africa, and has by them been introduced into all our plantations; it appears first in little spots on the skin in all parts of the body, which daily increase, and become like huge pimples: afterwards they appear like white sloughs, which falling off leavered funguses behind them. In the cure give the following bolus every night, for a fortnight or three weeks: "Take of "flowers of sulphur a scruple, of camphire dissolved in a little "spirit of wine five grains, of Venice treacle a dram, of sy rup of safsron enough to make them into a bolus;" dissolve a dram of corrosive sublimate in an ounce of rum, and touch the yaws with a feather, and they will all fall of. His constant drink may be the decoction of guaiac and sassafras, fermented with molasses. Afterwards the cure is to be perfected by the method of treating the French disease, or let him take the following electary: "Take Ethiops mineral an ounce and a half, of gum "guaiac half an ounce, Venice treacle and the conserve of roses "of each an ounce, of oil of sassafras twenty drops, of syrup "of saffron enough to bring them to the consistence of an "electary;" the dose is two drams morning and evening. But as mercurials, and even salivation, often fail in the cure of this disease, I shall give the reader another prescription, which is used in Carolina, and is said to be a certain cure: "Take "four ounces of the bark of Spanish oak, two ounces of the "middle bark of the pine-tree, two ounces of the root of "sumach that bears the berries, of water sufficient to make a "strong decoction." The patient must drink a full pint of this milk-warm, which will make him vomit plentifully; the day following, let the patient begin to drink half a pint three times a day, that is, morning, noon and night, for six weeks; and let the fores be warned six times a day with the same decoction, till they are healed up, and the patient becomes well. He must abstain from flesh-meat and strong liquors during the course.