This is known by a burning, pressing pain at the very bottom of the belly, attended with a fever, a continual desire of going to stool, and a perpetual striving to make water; add to these a want of appetite, vomiting, coldness of the extreme parts, restlesness and sometimes convulsions.

If this disease has been preceded by an obstruction of the menses, or a stoppage of the bleeding piles, the patient must be bled in the foot; if he is costive, give him an ounce or two of manna; then direct the following powder: "Take "of purified nitre a scruple, of diaphoretic antimony fifteen "grains of saffron five grains, of camphire two grains, "mix and make a powder; "then anoint the pained parts between the legs, with the following liniment: "Take of oil "of sweet almonds three drams, of spirit of sal ammoniac "one dram, of camphire a scruple, of ointment of marsh-"mallows an ounce, mix and make a liniment;" sometimes the perpetual needing, and the difficulty of making water, arise from spasms, or a kind of cramp; and then boil camomile, mallow and elder flowers in milk; pour this decoction into a close-stool, and let the patient sit over it.