Those that give suck are more liable to disorders of the breasts than other women; the first that I shall mention, is a rough unequal Swelling of the breast, preceded with a flight shivering, and attended with heat, tension, pain and redness; it is succeeded by a feverish disorder, which frequently goes off in thirty six hours; it sometimes, when neglected, turns to a suppuration and abscess; its cause is the stagnation of milk in the breasts: this may arise from sudden cold, bad aliment, or change of diet, irregular suckling, and blows; as also from the infant's being too weak to suck. When the swelling is very great, there is a pain in the back part of the arms, and parts adjacent: when this disorder is very bad bleeding will be proper, and the diet should be thin broth, and the drink should be maiden hair used like tea; keeping the patient, especially her breast, very warm; her belly may be emptied by clysters, and a poultice with white bread and milk, mixt with honey and half a scruple of saffron, may be laid to the breasts; but above all, the disordered breast should be drawn by a grown person; which is the most certain cure: instead of the poultice, the following plaster may be applied, which is very efficacious: "Take of sperma ceti an "ounce, of white bees wax two ounces, of galbanum half an "ounce, of oil of elder enough to bring them to the confidence "of a plaster;" or the following cerate, which is to be had in the shops: "Take of oil of olives a quarter of a pint, of "white wax four ounces, of sperma ceti half an ounce, "mix them together and keep the mixture stirring till it is "cold."