When the former disease is neglected, or is not resolved in three days, it will turn to an inflammation, and this to an Abscess or Ulcer. In this case, speedy bleeding should never be omitted, either in the arm or foot; and the poultice with white bread and milk, mixt with honey, should be applied to the part; or marsh-mallows may be boiled in milk for a fomentation, or linen cloths dipt in spirit of wine may be applied hot: when the inflammation is discussed by these means, it rarely happens before the seventh day. When it tends to a suppuration, apply the following cataplasm: "Take of figs four ounces, of yellow basilicon "an ounce, of strained galbanum half an ounce; first beat "the figs to a pulp, with a little wine or strong beer; then "melt the basilicon and galbanum together, and mix them "well over the fire." When the abscess breaks, or is open'd with a lancet, your first dressing must be dry lint, which must be very soft, and the cavity must be entirely filled with it, laying a pledgit over the whole: in a day after this, the lint may be spread with a mixture of basilicon and ointment of gum elemi, or rather with the ointment itself: over the dossils of lint lay a large pledgit of tow spread with basilicon; these dressings must be continued till the wound is incarned and filled up by nature; after this it may be healed by dry lint alone, or dipt in Friers balsam. When the matter discharged from the abscess is mild and small in quantity, it will be sufficient to renew the dressing once in twenty four hours; but when it is acrid, or the weather hot, two or three dressings are required in that time. If it should turn to a foul Ulcer, then cleanse it with basilicon and red precipitate mixt together, and if it should be deep, keep it full of dry lint, to give an opportunity of dressing the ulcer down to the bottom, and to prevent the lips from closing too soon.