This malady has been described as a disease in which the patient sees nothing and the physician sees nothing. This remark was made before the discovery of the ophthalmoscope, and when the term was applied to a large number of conditions of the eye which were not understood. It is now applied to a gradually increasing paralysis of the optic nerve, or to blindness resulting from disease of the brain. A form of the disease known as tobacco amaurosis, is frequently met with in smokers. Indeed, the use of tobacco and of alcoholic liquors are the most frequent of all causes of this disease. So many cases have been reported in the last few years in which the sight has been nearly or quite ruined by the use of tobacco that all oculists now condemn it as an exceedingly harmful drug.

The Treatment of Amaurosis

When due to disease of the brain, or paralysis of the optic nerve, a cure is impossible in many cases. Electricity is one of the most useful remedies. Tobacco amaurosis cannot be cured without the patient renounces the use of the weed, which is in most cases sufficient to effect a cure, though the use of electricity is an excellent means of expediting recovery.