The Symptoms of Balanitis

Heat and itching at the end of the penis; a creamy discharge; red and raw patches on the surface of the mucous membrane.

The Causes of Balanitis

The principal cause of this disease is lack of proper cleanliness. It occurs most frequently in persons having a long or tight foreskin; the disease corresponds to vulvitis in females; it is also occasioned by mechanical irritation and by gonorrhoea.

The Treatment of Balanitis

Careful washing and drying the affected parts three or four times a day will speedily effect a cure in the majority of cases. If there is considerable swelling, a cold compress should be applied continually. If the disease is somewhat obstinate, a solution of alum or sulphate of zinc, in the proportion of a grain or two to an ounce of water, may be applied once a day. The cure will also be facilitated by the use of carbolic acid ointment made by mixing ten drops of carbolic add with an ounce of vaseline. For a radical cure, circumcision, or an equivalent surgical operation, is necessary.