The Symptoms of Catarrh Of The Urethra or Urethritis

Swelling and redness at the external end of the urethra; burning along the urethral canal, especially during urination; slight mucous discharge before or after urination; sticking together of the lips of the mouth of urethra.

This disease often occasions great anxiety and serious trouble from its similarity to a slight attack of gonorrhoea.

The Causes of Catarrh Of The Urethra or Urethritis

Irritation of the urethra by foreign bodies, as by the awkward use of the sound or catheter, or by irritating injections into the urethra; sexual excesses, especially self-abuse; very frequent nocturnal emissions; coitus during menstruation.

The Treatment of Catarrh Of The Urethra or Urethritis

This disease generally recovers of itself within a few days, though it sometimes continues for several weeks, especially when the anxiety of the patient leads him to frequently squeeze or press the organ to ascertain the presence of the discharge. Cool sitz baths and local douches should be daily employed. If there is considerable pain, the hot douche or spray is the best means of relief. Sexual indulgence should be entirely abstained from. The patient should avoid condiments, tea, coffee, tobacco, alcoholic liquors, and all other irritating causes.

Gonorrhoea.-This disease does not differ from the preceding except in its contagious character and greater severity. The treatment of the disease consists in complete rest in bed for a few days, avoidance of exposure to cold, and the same measures as recommended for simple catarrh of the urethra. Severe cases require the attention of a physician. The results of neglected or badly treated gonorrhoea are sometimes most serious and life-long in character.