The Symptoms of Bronchial Croup Or Croupous Bronchitis

Expectoration of casts of bronchial tubes; dry cough; bleeding from lungs; some difficulty in breathing; often begins with chill, followed by fever and pain in side; may be acute, or chronic.

This is a rare disease. Bronchial croup may occur from extension of the disease from the larynx into the large bronchi, or from the air-cells into the small bronchial tubes; but in this affection the croupous process is confined to the bronchial tubes, usually those of moderate size. The disease is sometimes acute, but is more often chronic, existing for years, in many cases the patient coughing up daily, or at longer intervals, casts of some portions of the air-passages.

The Treatment of Bronchial Croup Or Croupous Bronchitis

This disease must be treated upon the same general plan recommended for croup of the larynx. Careful attention to the general health, and the daily employment of hot and cold applications to the chest, and inhalations of hot vapor, will accomplish more than any other remedies.