This formidable malady, though at first of a local character, sooner or later involves the whole system through absorption of what is known as the cancer juice, or the broken down elements of the growth. There are several varieties of cancerous or malignant growths. Its most frequent location is the breast. It occurs most often between the ages of thirty and fifty, though it occasionally appears at a much earlier or a much later age. The variety of the disease popularly known as stone cancer, so-called on account of its excessive hardness, is the most common. After ulceration has taken place, the term rose cancer is frequently applied. Black cancer is a form of the affection in which there is a great increase of coloring matter, producing a dark color.

Epithelioma is the proper name of what is ordinarily known as skin cancer." Cancer may occur in any part of the body. It is gen erally accompanied by pain, and sooner or later, by severe ulceration.

Among the causes of cancer, probably local irritation, as of the tongue and lips from a pipe and tobacco smoke, is the most active. Irritation of the tongue from a decayed tooth has also occasioned cancerous disease in that organ.

The Treatment of Cancer

There is no internal remedy which exercises any curative influence over this disease, neither is there any remedy which by external application will cause the cancer to be absorbed or disappear. The only remedy is removal of the diseased parts, which should be accomplished as thoroughly and quickly as possible after its character has been discovered. This may be accomplished by means of caustics of various kinds, or by the knife. The latter method is generally to be preferred as the most thorough and effective. We have used both methods in the treatment of cancer, and unhesitatingly pronounce the latter as the most superior in the great majority of cases. Frequent freezing of a malignant growth, and constantly wearing upon it an ice bag or compress, are means of delaying the progress of the affection.