The Symptoms of Hepatitis or Inflammation Of The Liver

Tenderness on the right side near the lower border of the ribs: high fever similar to that of typhoid fever; enlargement of the liver, producing sensation of fullness on right side; pain, increased by pressing up under the ribs, also by cough or a deep breath; patient cannot lie on the left side; short breath; cough; vomiting; hiccough; white of the eye yellow; pain near the right collar-bone and about the shoulder; occasionally, formation of abscesses which occasion great increase of pain and tenderness, with diarrhea and dysentery.

The Causes of Hepatitis or Inflammation Of The Liver

The causes of inflammation of the liver are similar to those which produce congestion.

The Treatment of Hepatitis or Inflammation Of The Liver

One of the very best means which can be employed after regulating the patient's diet, giving him only the most simple food, is the application of hot fomentations over the liver. The fomentations should be applied several times a day for ten to twenty minutes each time. They will relieve pain, and have a tendency to subdue inflammation and restore the organ to a healthy condition. In the intervals between the applications, a large compress should be kept upon the bowels over the region of the liver. The diet should be restricted to a very small quantity of the simplest food. The patient may be allowed to drink lemonade or barley-water. If an abscess continues to develop until suppuration occurs, serious consequences may result from its discharge into the abdominal cavity. Abscess of the liver may be relieved by aspiration.