The food should be nourishing, but simple and unstimulating. Tea, coffee, beer, ale, porter, and stimulants of all kinds, should be avoided. Little if any meat should be taken. Inflammation or degeneration of the kidneys is a not very infrequent occurrence in pregnancy, and is encouraged by the use of meat. The "longings" for various articles of food (many of which are of an unwholesome character) experienced by many women when in this condition, should not be considered an imperative indication of what should be allowed. The idea that the infant will be "marked" or possess some deformity if "longings" are not satisfied, is an error. The patient should be denied unwholesome articles, no matter how strong the craving for them, as the desire for them cannot change their character or their relations to the body. Such food as oatmeal, cracked wheat, and other whole grain preparations, together with an abundance of fruit, should be freely used, not only as a means of securing proper activity of the bowels, but because these foods furnish the elements most essential to nourish the developing infant.