Moderate and regular excerise should be taken during the whole period of pregnancy, even to the last. The habit many women have of sitting or lying most of the time for several months is a very injurious one, as the muscles become weak, while the general health is seriously impaired. Childbirth is a process which is chiefly due to muscular action. In the performance of this act. the muscles of the abdomen and other parts of the trunk, as well as the womb, are involved, and hence anything which weakens or strengthens the muscles will materially affect the parturient process. Some of the easiest childbirths we have ever known were in the cases of poor women who were obliged to do their own house-work, and continued to do so up to the very time of confinement.

When the patient is for any reason too feeble to walk, ride, or take much vigorous exercise of any kind, daily passive exercise should be given in the form of massage and Swedish movements. Care should he taken never to over-do the matter, however, so as to occasion exhaustion.

At certain periods, as about the third or seventh month, special care to secure rest and quiet should be observed, owing to the liability to miscarriage at the former period, and premature birth at the second.