Various disorders of the bladder and urine are frequent during the pregnant state. Irritability of the bladder, or painful micturition, incontinence of urine, retention of urine, are the most common troubles of this sort. Irritability of the bladder is most generally due to neglect to empty the bladder of its contents with frequency and regularity. In some cases, the bladder troubles are due to displacements of the womb existing before pregnancy occurred. This is especially true of incontinence of urine, which generally results in these cases from pressure upon the bladder by the enlarged womb. Prolapsus of the uterus and retroversion are difficulties which sometimes complicate pregnancy and require the attention of the physician. The irritability of the bladder is generally relieved by copious water-drinking, the free use of fruit, and relieving the organ regularly once in five or six hours. The recumbent position is the best remedy for incontinence of urine. Sometimes this difficulty may be prevented by the use of the abdominal bandage for the purpose of holding the uterus in place.