Nausea and vomiting in the morning soon after getting up, is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy, and is also characteristic of its later stages. The best method of treatment is to give the patient something to eat before getting up in the morning, as a bowl of brown bread and milk. The patient should eat at least fifteen or twenty minutes before attempting to get up, and upon arising should dress quickly and go out in the open air for a walk, unless the weather forbids.

The abdominal bandage is a very excellent means of relieving this unpleasant symptom. It should be worn constantly for a week or two, and then omitted during the night. Daily sitz baths are also of great advantage. In many cases, electricity relieves this symptom very promptly. When nearly all kinds of food are rejected, milk and lime-water may be employed in very urgent cases in which the vomiting can not be repressed, and the life of the patient is threatened. The stomach should be given entire rest, the patient being nourished by means of nutritive injections. Fomentations over the stomach and swallowing of small bits of ice, are sometimes effective when other measures fail.

Various other disturbances of digestion occur, due to the development of various forms of dyspepsia. Severe pain in the stomach is often a very ominous symptom. When present, the attention of the physician should be called to the fact.