Can generally be relieved by regulating the diet, which should consist chiefly of fruits and grains. Drinking a glass of cold water before breakfast is an excellent means of securing a regular evacuation of the bowels. In case these measures are insufficient, the enema may be resorted to. As small a quantity of water should be used as will secure the desired movement It is also better to employ water at a moderately low temperature, so as to keep the blood-vessels of the part well closed, as a means of preventing hemorrhoids. A very excellent plan by which the dependence upon the enema may be somewhat avoided, is to inject into the rectum at night, just before retiring, two tablespoonsful of water containing ten drops of spirits of camphor. This will often provoke a movement of the bowels at once. If the fluid is retained over night, it will be quite certain to secure a prompt movement Figs, stewed prunes, and other fruits of a laxative character, if freely used by the patient, will generally obviate the necessity for other means. It is very unwise to become dependent upon the use of the enema, and hence a persevering effort should be made to secure healthy activity of the bowels by regulation of the diet