The Symptoms of Irritability Of The Bladder

Straining after urination, with desire to pass water when the bladder is empty; frequent urination; dribbling urine; smarting in urination; pain in back and at the fork of the thighs in males; relief of the symptoms at night

This is a very common difficulty. It frequently exists in consequence of slight catarrh of the bladder which has not been discovered, and continues after recovery from chronic catarrh of the bladder.

The Causes of Irritability Of The Bladder

The chief causes are neglect to relieve the bladder; acidity of urine from the excessive use of meat, use of alcoholic liquors and tobacco; self-abuse; prolonged sexual excitement from lewd thoughts; excessive sexual indulgence.

The Treatment of Irritability Of The Bladder

Avoidance of the causes; a nutritious diet of fruits and grains, and total abstinence from tea, coffee, tobacco, and alcoholic liquors, and the use of meat in very small quantities. Fried food, butter, ginger, mustard, pepper-sauce, and all other irritating condiments should be wholly discarded. As the patient suffering from this disease is often very gloomy and despondent, he should be supplied with cheerful surroundings. By way of treatment, the cold bath, the use of fomentations to the lower part of the spine, and the application of a belladonna plaster in very severe cases, is to be recommended. The patient should also carefully avoid straining after passing urine. Passage of the sound is also useful. We have employed, with excellent success in some cases, a double sound, so arranged as to allow the circulation of a current of water through it while in use. We regard this as a very excellent measure of treatment.