The Symptoms of Gravel In Bladder

irritation of the bladder; white or red sediment passed with the urine.

The Causes of Gravel In Bladder

A red sediment occurs in persons whose urine is very acid. It is most frequent in persons suffering with gout and rheumatism, and often arises from the excessive use of meat. White deposit, generally composed of phosphates, is most common in persons suffering with chronic dyspepsia, neuralgia, and various nervous disorders; also, is often produced by overstudy, loss of sleep, overwork, dissipation, etc., etc.

Unnecessary alarm is frequently excited by the discovery of whitish sediment in the urine, especially in persons who have been addicted to self-abuse, which is also a common cause of this affection, it being mistaken by these persons for seminal fluid. A microscopic examination is necessary in these cases to determine whether the patient's fears are groundless or not.

The Treatment of Gravel In Bladder

The treatment consists in the avoidance of flesh diet, alcoholic liquors, tea, coffee, and tobacco; an abundant use of fruit and grains when the person is suffering with the red, or uric acid gravel. Fomentations over the liver, and the wet girdle worn about the body at night, together with a wet-sheet pack, or hot air or vapor bath, once or twice a week are excellent measures of treatment. If there is much irritability of the bladder, a cool sitz bath should be taken daily. For white deposit, the best remedies are such tonic measures as will improve the patients condition. Special attention should be given to improving the digestion. Abundant out-of-door exercise, sun baths, and frequent inunctions, are among the chief remedies indicated in this difficulty.