Fig. 326. This is a white sediment which is found in alkaline urine. It is distinguished from urates by not being dissolved when the urine is heated. It is, however, dissolved by acids.

It is chiefly caused by smoking, by the use of alkaline medicines, excessive mental strain, nervous prostration, sexual excesses, especially self-abuse, and occasionally by excessive use of some articles of food, especially sweet fruits.

When present in the urine when passed, it indicates decomposition of the urine in the bladder. This is one of the common causes of stone in the bladder. When present continuously, it generally indicates nervous disorder of some form.

The Treatment of Phosphates

The treatment of this condition consists chiefly in the avoidance of the causes and removal of the diseased conditions upon which it depends.

Fig. 326. Crystals of Triple Phosphates.

Fig. 326. Crystals of Triple Phosphates.