The Symptoms of Paralysis Of The Bladder

Retention of urine; when bladder is greatly distended, dribbling; urine bad smelling and loaded with mucus; often severe pain at neck of bladder.

The Causes of Paralysis Of The Bladder

The most frequent causes are general paralysis; paralysis of the lower part of the body; over-distention of the organ from stricture, or other obstruction to urination; sexual excesses.

The Treatment of Paralysis Of The Bladder

When the paralysis is complete, the bladder must be relieved by means of the catheter two or three times a day. The best curative remedies are cool sitz baths, cool compresses over the bowels, cool enemas in males, and tepid, gradually cooled douches in females; daily injection of the bladder with warm water gradually cooled down to 65 or 70; application of electricity to the bladder, both through the abdominal walls and by means of the metallic sound, two or three times a week.