The Symptoms of Spasm Of The Bladder

Incontinence; retention of urine; desire to pass urine, but inability to do so; violent pain, with intervals of complete relief; spasm in the rectum; in some cases, general convulsions.

The Causes of Spasm Of The Bladder

This disease is often a very troublesome one. It may arise from disease of the brain and nervous system, or, as is generally the case, it may be the reflex result of irritation of the womb or of the rectum, as from piles or fissure. It also occurs very frequently in hysterical and nervous women from pure nervousness.

The Treatment of Spasm Of The Bladder

Removal of the cause, if possible, by cure of the disease upon which the difficulty depends. The best palliative measures are warm baths, hot enemas in men, and prolonged vaginal douches in females. Passing the catheter will often relieve the spasm at once.