This condition is that in which the uterus is tipped backward against the rectum. The organ may be tipped directly back, or inclined more or less to either side. The principal symptoms are constant pain in the lower part of the back; great discomfort in walking; increased pain on moving the bowels, with a sense of obstruction; sometimes spasmodic contraction of the rectum, or bladder; painful menstruation, in some cases, chronic inflammation of the bladder.

The Treatment of Retroversion

The same remark made with reference to cause and treatment in connection with the subject of anteversion, applies also to retroversion. Frequent sitz baths and daily hot douches are among the essentials of treatment. To these should be added daily replacing the organ by a competent person. When the organ is not bound by ad hesions, replacement may generally be effected by the patient herself by the following procedure: The patient should place herself upon the bed in a kneeling position. She should now bend forward until the chest is in contact with the bed. The limbs should now be moved downward until the thighs are perpendicular, so that the pelvis is elevated in the air as high as possible. The inlet of the vagina should now be opened so as to admit air. This may be done by raising the perinaeuin with the finger. As soon as the air enters, the womb falls forward into position. When necessary, air may be admitted by means of a glass tube inserted before the exercise is begun, or by means of the Davison syringe.