The Symptoms of Prolapsus Of The Womb

Dragging pain in the tower part of the back, extending around the body; general tenderness over the pubes; sensation of fullness in the vagina; irritation of the bladder and rectum; discomfort increased by walking or exertion; leucorrhoea: painful or profuse menstruation; in very bad cases, protrusion of the organ; symptoms sometimes absent.

Falling of the womb is a very common affection, especially among women who have borne children. It also sometime occurs in women who have never been pregnant, but much more rarely. The causes of prolapsus are essentially the same as those which induce chronic congestion. When the organ becomes too large, it settles down in consequence of its unnatural weight. Prolapsus is also the result of violent muscular exertion, rupture of the perinaeum in labor, and of getting up too soon after childbirth. Every cause which tends to produce disease of the sexual organs in females may occasion prolapsus. The immediate cause in chronic cases, and that which presents the greatest obstacle to successful treatment, is relaxation of the natural supports of the organ.