This is a condition in which branny scales are shed from the scalp in great abundance. It may be due to eczema or pityriasis, as already remarked, or may result from a disorder of the sebaceous glands, and from acne. The latter is the most common cause of the disease. In this form of the affection, the abnormal secretion of the fat glands appears upon the scalp as yellowish scales. This condition is akin to that described under the head of oily skin, being, in fact, a dry form of the same disease. This condition is sometimes present upon the nose and cheeks as well as the scalp. It is often a very annoying complaint When affecting the scalp, it sooner or later results in loss of the hair. This is not because the dandruff destroys the hair, but because the same disease which causes the dandruff interferes with the nutrition of the hair, thus occasioning its loss. On account of its tendency to produce baldness, the disease should never be neglected. Dandruff is generally occasioned by disorder of the digestion, or some other debilitating disease.

The Treatment of Dandruff Or Dandriff

Restore the general health by proper attention to the digestion and general hygiene. For dandruff of the face, apply the same remedies recommended for the skin. The scalp should also be treated in the same way, by gentle shampooing with ordinary washing soap, once or twice a week. A very soft brush should be used. Neither a stiff brush nor a fine comb should ever be used for removing dandruff. For shampooing, a liniment composed of equal parts of castor-oil and alcohol may be rubbed on the scalp, or an ointment composed of a drachm of tannin to an ounce of vaseline.