Oily Skin

In some persons there is an excessive production of sebacous matter or sebum, due to morbid activity of the fatty glands of the skin. The skin of such persons presents a shiny look. Little beads of oily matter may be seen at the mouths of the glands near the roots of the hairs. The forehead, nose, and cheeks are most frequently affected. When the scalp is affected, the condition may be indicated by soiling of the pillow. Acne is frequently accompanied by this condition.

The Treatment of Oily Skin

The only treatment to be employed is the frequent application of soap. When many of the glands are clogged up, as indicated by the abundance of grubs, the surface should first be thoroughly rubbed with warm oil. Cocoanut or almond oil is the best. After half an hour, the surface should be rubbed with a flannel cloth, thoroughly saturated with soap moistened with warm water, and stretched over the fingers; or a soft sponge may be used. This is best done at night, just before retiring. When the secretion of fat is very profuse, the operation may be repeated two or three times a day.

Dry Skin

A condition of deficient secretion of fat is very frequently met with, in cases of dyspepsia and in persons suffering with other wasting diseases. The best remedy is the daily application of the oil bath.