The Symptoms of Deforming Rheumatism Or Rheumatic Gout

Pain in joints, usually slight, sometimes severe; pain increased by pressure and by motion of the joint; motion of the joint accompanied by slight crackling; deformity of joints; fingers drawn toward the little finger side of the hand.

This disease in some respects resembles rheumatism, while in others it is more like gout. It is not accompanied by the fever and inflammation usually present in rheumatism. It differs from gout in that it affects the large as well as the smaller joints.

Gout is generally confined to the fingers and toes. Rheumatic gout may affect every joint in the body, and in some cases produces the most surprising deformity. The peculiar deformity of the hand shown in Fig. 333 is characteristic of this disease. In the case of a young lady whom we had under treatment a year or two ago, all the fingers and toes, both elbows and both knees, were dislocated by the structural changes which had taken place.

Fig. 333. Gout in the Fingers.

Fig. 333. Gout in the Fingers.

The Treatment of Deforming Rheumatism Or Rheumatic Gout

Although this disease is a very obstinate one, and generally considered almost incurable, it has been repeatedly demonstrated that the thorough and persevering use of the same remedies recommended for chronic rheumatism will often result in very great benefit to the patient