Diet is in many instances a potent factor in the production of pain, and may be made equally effective in its relief. Abstinence from the use of flesh food will frequently relieve obstinate headaches and neuralgias, especially those arising from congestion. The terrible pain of aneurism of the chest may be relieved by abstaining from fluids as much as possible, so as to diminish the volume of the blood. The suffering from asthma and emphysema is greatly mitigated by the disuse of sugar, starch, butter, and other food elements which are likely to form gases. The pain of ulcer of the stomach may be avoided by resorting to feeding by means of the rectum. Severe pain in the kidneys and bladder is frequently relieved by copious water-drinking. The smarting, burning pain which follows urination when the urine is scanty and high-colored is generally very popularly relieved by this means.