In this affection, the tissues of the liver become infiltrated with fat. The disease gives very few symptoms. Its existence may be surmised, however, from the existence of fatty degeneration in other organs. It is generally accompanied by fatty degeneration of the heart, indicated by a weak pulse and febrile difficulties. The disease is produced by overeating, and by all other causes which conduce to the formation of fat and interfere with the general health. The habitual use of alcoholic drinks will produce fatty degeneration of the liver and other organs, on account of the increased amount of fat in the blood. It is often found in such wasting diseases as consumption, chronic dyspepsia, cancer, etc. In thirteen persons who died of delirium tremens, Frerichs found seven who were affected with this disease. The influence of sedentary habits in producing fatty degeneration is shown by the fact that it is almost universal in the domestic cat. The fact is also well known to pathologists that the liver of a cat is generally selected for the purpose of demonstrating the microscopical changes which take place in this disease, when a specimen of human liver subject to this disease can not be readily obtained.

The Treatment of Fatty Degeneration

The patient should avoid butter, fats, sugar, alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee, and in fact all articles of food conducive to the production of fat. An abundance of out-of-door exercise should be taken. Great attention should be given to the general health.