This is a morbid process in which the proper nerve substance is gradually removed, fatty particles being deposited in its place. A nerve which has undergone fatty degeneration has lost its power to transmit nerve sensations or nerve force. Nerve cells undergo this process, as well as nerve fibers, thereby losing the power to generate nerve force. An organ, the nerves of which have undergone fatty degeneration, is paralyzed. The same is true if fatty degeneration has taken place in the nerve centers from which the nerve supplying the organ originates. Softening of the brain is a form of fatty degeneration. A nerve which is cut off from its connection with the nerve centers generally undergoes this change in a short time. Nerves which are not used, in consequence of paralysis from injury to some part of the brain, often rapidly undergo degeneration. The causes of fatty degeneration of the nerves, are the use of alcoholic liquors, the use of tobacco, gluttony, habits of dissipation, deficient exercise, and various diseases.

The Treatment of Fatty Degeneration Of The Nerves

The treatment is chiefly preventive, since repair of the nerves is impossible when extensive changes have once taken place. The use of electricity, and systematic exercise of all the paralyzed parts, are the best means for preventing or checking the progress of this disease.